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Bose 901 151 402 802 101 & vehicle 3 HOLE 4.5" REPLACEMENT SPEAKER BY PANASONIC


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Bose 901 151 402 802 101 & vehicle 3 HOLE 4.5" REPLACEMENT SPEAKER BY PANASONIC

Bose 901 151 402 802 101 & vehicle 3 HOLE 4.5" REPLACEMENT SPEAKER BY PANASONIC

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Nominal Impedance(ohms)8
Power Handling RMS(Watts)15
Power handling Peak(Watts)30
Usable Frequency Range(Hz)60-14000
Sheilded MagnetNo
Voice Coil Diameter0.75
Magnet CompositionCeramic
Core/Pole DetailsBumped
Basket MaterialStamped Steel
Cone CompositionPaper
Surround CompositionFoam
Dust Cap CompositionPaper
Net Weight1
Shipping Weight1.2
Thiele & Small Parameters
Mounting Information
Overall Diameter4.5 to surround edge
Bolt Circle Diameter4.3125
Baffle Hole Diameter4.25
Magnet Diameter2.375
Mount Depth2


THESE FIT THE BOSE SPEAKERS WITH WOOFERS USING THE 3 SIDED FRAMES. THEY ARE RATED AT 6 OHMS BUT THAT'S CLOSER TO THE "DCR" OF THESE. ACTUAL NOMINAL IMPEDANCE IS PROBABLY CLOSER TO 7 OR 8 OHM. FYI - these are not as heavy duty as the original bose units & do not handle as much power but are well worth the $. They do sound quite good & will be perfect if you are not always pushing your original cabinets to the limit. Also, the screw holes are in a slightly different position & some cabinets need the front edge of the hole in the cabinet shaved off a bit to get them to drop in completely but either is easily done

Here's info regarding the impedance of the drivers used in the various bose systems thanks to user: free2canoe

The drivers in the 901's are only 0.9 ohms each X 9 = 8 ohms total (wired in series).
The Roomates take a 1.2 ohm driver and cannot be substituted since it has a built in amp.
It will work in the 101 but the original passive filter inside works in conjunction with a 1.2 ohm driver to create a 4 ohm total impedance, the tank filter provides a notch at 2.4Khz to eliminate harsh treble. This filter would have to be by-passed when using your replacement because it would result in a total impedance of ~ 11 ohms and the filter would shift the notch much lower in frequency.
The 802 uses eight 1 ohm drivers in series, but these could be wired in a different fashion to create either a 4 ohm total or 16 ohm total. If they don't change the wiring it would be 64 ohms and they would not make much sound at all. Same with the 901, it would be 72 ohms as there are 9 drivers total.

All Specifications
Brand Panasonic
Model 12P331A6
General Application N/A
Nominal Impedance(Ohms) 8 ohms
Minimum Impedance No
Usable Frequency Range(Hz) 60-14000
Power Handling(RMS) N/A
Power Handling Range(RMS) 0 to 50 Watts
Power Range Peak(Wtts) 30
Sensitivity(dB) No
Magnet Weight(oz) No
Sheilded Magnet No
Voice Coil Gap Height No
Voice Coil Diameter 0.75
Coil Former No
Winding Material No
Winding Deph No
Flux Density No
Cone Shape No
Spider No
Demodulating Ring No
Recommended Tuning Frequency No
Reference Efficiency (No) No
Flange and Gasket Thickness No
Cone Material N/A
Magnet Composition Ceramic
Core/Pole Detail Bumped
Basket Material N/A
Cone Composition Paper
Surround Composition Foam
Dust Cap Composition No
Net Weight(lb) 1
Shipping Weight 1.2
Resonant Frequency No
DC Resistance(Re) No
Coil Inductance(Le) No
Mechanical Q(QMS) No
Electromagnetic Q(Qes) No
Total Q(Qts) No
Compliance Equiv Vol (Vas) No
Peak Displacement Volume(Vd) No
Mechanical Compliance(Cms) No
Mechanical Resistance (Rms) N/A
BL Product(Bl) No
Moving Mass(MMs) No
Surface Area of Cone(Sd) No
Max Linear Excursion(Xmax) No
Max Excursion(Xdam)(Xlim) No
Sealed Enclosure No
Vented Enclosure No
Driver Displacement No
Overall Diameter 4.5 to surround edge
Dimensions N/A
Nominal Diameter 4"
Largest Diameter No
Diameter/Largest Dimention N/A
Smaller Dimention N/A
Bolt Circle Diameter 4.3125
Baffle Hole Diameter 4.25
Magnet Diameter 2.375
Depth 2.1875
Mount Depth 2
Sealing Gasket(Front, Rear) No
MFG Data Link 1 No
MFG Data Link 2 No
MFG Data Link 3 No
Type N/A
Ebay Condition ID 1000
Country of Origin N/A
Subwoofer N/A
Shorting Copper Cap No
Power Range N/A
Compatible With N/A
Recommend Min Crossover N/A
Ribbon Element N/A
Ribbon Radiating Area N/A
Coil Construction N/A
Magnet Thickness N/A
Rear Chamber N/A
Faceplate Material N/A
Cone Dome Composition N/A
Mounting Thread N/A
Mount Type N/A
Throat Diameter N/A
Diaphragm Material N/A
Mounting Type N/A
Thread/Bolt Pattern N/A
Response Time No

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