10" Audiofile UnderHung IB Series Dipole Woofer - Made in USA

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Custom made in the USA, Audiophile grade drivers designed specifically for open baffle woofer applications. 

  • Underhung motor design (long magnetic gap / short voice coil)
  • Rigid cast aluminum frame
  • Gold plated binding posts
  • Chrome plated, bumped and vented backplate
  • Under spider venting
  • Xmax +/- 10.5mm 
  • Usable response to low 20Hz range

Dipole woofers are often required to operate at high excursions.  The underhung design provides the ultimate linearity required for controlled fine movements at higher frequencies while simultaneously making the long strokes required for low frequencies.  The underhung motor allows the entire coil to be inside the magnetic gap at all times for fully linear operation throughout the entire range of motion (Xmax +/- 10.5mm).  Moving assembly is also very light due to the very short coil winding allowing for lightning fast transient response. 

Function meets Form Beautifully designed and assembled using a sturdy aluminum basket with attractive textured finish.  Chrome plated, bumped and vented magnet backplate, knurl textured rubber magnet boot, machined top plate and silver mesh protecting the under spider vents.  Gold plated, knurled binding posts round out the rear.  out front, the cone is a lightly textured paper with inverted dustcap, soft foam surround and rubber boot around the trim

High Q, low FS design provides extremely low frequency performance without EQ.  The response curve shows a gradual rise of 3-4dB starting below 50Hz so they should be able to provide relatively flat response from around 27-500Hz with no filter capacitor required in the more compact designs such as the H-frame and the many other Open Baffle alignments such as, U-frame, A-frame, W-frame (Linkwitz), W-profile (Ridtahler BMC-Ripol), N-profile (Ridtahler DRS-Ripol), etc.  

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f(s) = 34.99 Hz  M(ms) = 41.80 grams
V(as) = 89.44 liters  (3.159 cubic feet)  n(0) = 0.10 %
Q(ts) = 2.680 L(e) = 0.993 mH at 10kHz
Q(es) = 3.685 SPL = 82.06 dB SPL 1W/1m
Q(ms) = 9.836 BL = 4.49
R(e) = 8.10 Ohms Piston Diameter = 213.7 mm
C(ms) = 0.50 mm/N Z(max) = 29.73 Ohms