AuraSound Whisper Mini Audiophile Black Lacquer Center Speaker

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Premium quality Aurasound mini center channel speaker containing (3) of the "Whisper" NRT™ Neo magnet 2" titanium transducers.  This revolutionary driver features a 1.25" under-hung voice coil for extreme power handling and fully linear operation.  These are perfect as a center channel with our 2 driver satellite pairs as a LCR surround set.  Buy 2 centers and use as satellites in a Sub/Sat system, personal audio system, as desktop speakers and more.  On wall installation is made possible via "key-hole" sockets on the rear.  Each cabinet is capable of handling 80 watts power and is a 4ohm nominal impedance.  

Full internal equalization with an 8 component advanced filter network provides a flat response across the entire operation range.  High frequencies have been cut from the lower driver to avoid the "comb filtering" effect which can be a big problem in multi-driver arrays.  The large blue capacitor is a bass blocker as these were originally designed to be used as a satellite speaker in conjunction with a subwoofer.  For near field full range use you can short this for more low frequency output.  We can do this for you for a $10 service fee per pair if interested.  

Cabinets are a very compact 6.75"W x 2.5"H x 3.5"D, made of wood for best sound quality and feature a gorgeous 6 layer hand rubbed piano gloss black lacquer finish.  No expense was spared in the design and build of these speakers.  Definitely not your average cheapo plastic mini-speaker. 

We are able to bring you this spectacular deal for a premium grade product because there was an issue with the magnets that hold the grills on.  We have replaced the original grille magnets with the silver Neo magnets as can be seen in the picture showing the back side of the grille.  The speakers are otherwise brand new and the packages have only been opened for the grille magnet switch.

Supplies are limited to stock on hand, get yours now before they run out!