Celestion BN15-300s 8ohm 15inch Neo magnet Woofer Bass Guitar Speaker 99dB

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Celestion BN15-300s 15 inch neo magnet woofer

Celestion 15" orange label neo woofer/PA speaker.  The orange label features high efficiency and tight response with good midrange extension which makes it usable in both PA cabinets and Bass guitar.

Developed using Celestion's unrivalled knowledge of Neodymium magnet structures, Orange Label drivers are highly efficient with fast response times - making them ideal for clean, snappy percussive styles, including slap bass. These efficient speakers feature enhanced mid-range punch to cut through the mix while delivering solid lows.

Equipped with lightweight Neodymium magnets, Orange Label speakers offer a super-fast response, ideal for modern styles where a clean, snappy sound is required.