HT1-1746 Celestion CDX1-1746 Compression driver + 6.5 inch shallow Horn Tweeter

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Celestion "OEM" CDX1-1746 Screw-On Compression Driver And Shallow Mount 6.5" Diameter Horn Kit

1" screw on style compression driver paired with a very sturdy, heavily reinforced shallow mount ABS resin horn featuring a 90 degree radial dispersion.  Premium quality Celestion driver uses a special PETP film diaphragm that provides an extremely smooth top end without the harshness commonly found in metal diaphragms.  This is a heavily used and highly respected driver in the pro audio industry and can be found in many top brand speakers on the market

Horn overall diameter

6 1/2"

Total depth

4 1/4"

mounting depth


cutout diameter

5 3/8"

diagonal screw centers


driver diameter

4 3/4"

total weight


shipping weight


Driver features

• Optimized acoustic and magnetic design achieves outstanding clarity and reliability

• A one-piece, PETP film diaphragm and surround optimizes energy transfer for greater efficiency

• Patented clamping system yields low distortion performance while improving the mid-band response

• Polyimide-insulated, copper-clad aluminum voice coil is edge wound on a glass-fiber former producing lower distortion and superior power-to-weight ratio

• A matched wave front phase corrector produces a coherent sound wave at the horn throat, yielding detailed and dynamic mid and high frequency response