15" Eminence 8ohm white cone woofer and Bass Guitar Speaker SWR LA15 - made in USA

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15" 8ohm woofer or bass guitar speaker. Great replacement for home tower speakers like the old BSR or DBX 5 way or the big Fisher boxes that used the white cones.  These have a nice warm tone and good efficiency. This USA made driver was custom built by Eminence for the SWR LA15 bass guitar amplifier so it's also built for a beating. Very strong bass punch and extended midbass.

Compatible with SWR
Brand Eminence
Used In SWR LA15 Bass Combo Amplifier
Type bass
Impedance 8
Magnet Type ferrite
Magnet Size
Frame stamped
Coil Size
Power RMS 125
Bpower Peak 250
Size 15"