Eminence OEM 12" 8ohm woofer built in USA for Peavey on Beta 12A chassis

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12" 8ohm woofer built in USA by Eminence for Peavey.  This is a perfect general use pro audio woofer with 38oz magnet and 2" voice coil on sturdy heavy gauge stamped steel frame.  Nice warm tone with good efficiency and 200 watt RMS power handling.  Useable response down to 45Hz and up to around 3.5Khz makes it easily useable with smaller horns in 2way cabinets.  Perfect replacement for many of those all in one powered speakers and many more applications.  Also works great for a simple home brew speaker system with the Peavey CTS dual driver Piezo horns we have listed and no crossover required.

Specs provided by Eminence as follows:

05-RE OHMS    7.13         13-FS HZ      42.52

06-LE MH       .97         14-MMS GMS    31.10

07-QM         3.49         15-CMS mm/N    .4505

08-QE         .500         16-RMS NS/M   2.3835

09-QT         .440         17-VAS LTRS   170.72

10-XMAX MM   2.70          18-SD SCM     519.45

11-BL TM    10.91          19-EBP        85.5

12-EFF %     2.54          20-SPL dB     96.1