10" 8Ohm heavy duty cast frame Eminence SWR woofer midbass Bass Guitar Speaker Goliath made in USA

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10" 8ohm woofer midbass and bass guitar speaker with 97dB efficiency and sturdy non resonant cast aluminun frame. This USA made driver was custom built by Eminence for SWR's best Goliath series bass guitar cabinets . Very tight and punchy sounding driver with strong midrange as well. Perfect for bass guitar cabinets of course and also as a high output woofer midrange thanks to it's high efficiency. Also referred to by some as a "voice speaker". 96dB efficiency and 200 watt RMS 400 Peak power handling means these baby's can get LOUD. Great in compact sealed cabinets around a .5 - 1 cubic foot or vented around 1 - 1.5ft for extended low end. Great for high output car audio systems

Compatible with SWR
Used In Goliath 4x10 16 ohm
Type bass
Impedance 8
Magnet Type ferrite
Magnet Size 38
Frame Cast
Coil Size 2
Power RMS 200
Bpower Peak 400
Size 10"