12 inch Eminence 8 Ohm Cast Frame Woofer Subwoofer with 4 inch Coil

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Monster 12" pro woofer/subwoofers built by Eminence for B-52.
4 inch voice coil, cast frame, rigid straight profile cone and cloth surround. These are perfect for folded horn subwoofers and also work well as a woofer in a high power top cabinet if used with a large format compression driver. I would suggest running them below 1500Hz to a 2 inch throat driver, preferably below 1200Hz to maximize thump and squeeze more out of your horn.
A pair of these in a box with the Eminence N320T 2 inch neo compression driver on the Eminence H2EA horn with a crossover point around 800Hz would be a deadly combo.
The specs on these are very similar to the woofer used in the EAW DCS2 LA400 KF940 BH760 folded horn subwoofers also and have the same basic construction. As is typical for EAW, they revised that woofer a few times but the specs are very similar and at least some of the woofers in those boxes use virtually the identical frame/magnet/coil size, winding length etc. I have some DCS2 and these are a virtually identical build to the woofers in the boxes model LC1214 - 804087
This is a liquidation special and Qty is very limited so get them while you can