2 3/4" 4 ohm widerange Line Array speaker by Bose and Fender Passport PD-150 & PD-250 PA

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2 3/4" 4 ohm widerange speaker.  This is the same as many of the Bose drivers it resembles. This batch was built for the Fender Passport PD-150 & PD-250 PA cabinets. Great response from around 200Hz up to 20KHz.  Low distortion and extended top end thanks to the copper shorting cap on top of the magnet center pole. Perfect for a compact Line Array project requiring high output potential. Make sure you need 4 ohm if replacing in a Bose model as they made them in a few different impedance options

Compatible with Fender
Brand Bose
Used In PD150, PD250, Jewel Cube, Wave Radio & more
Type Wide-Range
Impedance 4
Magnet Type ferrite
Magnet Size 2 1/2"
Frame stamped
Coil Size 3/4" Copper on Aluminum former
Power RMS 25
Power Peak 50
Size 2.75" square x 2" deep