10 inch Funktion One Celestion TF1025 Woofer Midbass Speaker 500W 8ohm 2.5 coil

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Funktion One LS10102 custom built by Celestion 10" TF1025 10" 8ohm high efficiency woofer midbass.  See pics for specs and response curves.  Makes a great woofer in PA tops, stage monitors and even car doors and stunt walls.

The Celestion TF1025 10" driver uses its hefty 42 oz. ceramic ferrite magnet and 2.5" hi-temp copper voice coil to achieve a strong tight thump, very high output and excellent power handling. The Kevlar-loaded paper cone and accordion surround are selected and balanced to deliver accuracy and durability. The TF1025 provides tight, punchy bass response and smooth, extended midrange.  Great in pro audio loudspeaker enclosures as well as car audio stunt walls, doors, side panels etc.