Celestion NTR12-3018D 12 Inch 8ohm 700W Cast Neo Magnet Woofer Midbass Speaker

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Looking for high-quality speakers that deliver impressive sound quality and exceptional performance? Look no further than the Celestion NTR12-3018D speaker. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, this speaker is sure to take your audio experience to the next level.

The Celestion NTR12-3018D is a 12-inch, dual neodymium magnet driver that delivers powerful and accurate bass and midrange response. It is designed to handle high power and is optimized for use in professional audio applications, including PA systems, and line arrays but can also be used in high output car audio systems.

One of the standout features of the Celestion NTR12-3018D is its powerful yet lightweight dual Neo magnet design. This design allows the speaker to deliver high output with low distortion while not breaking your back, making it an ideal choice for demanding portable audio environments. Additionally, the speaker's lightweight and durable construction make it easy to transport and install.

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Overall, the Celestion NTR12-3018D speaker is a top-of-the-line choice for anyone seeking powerful, accurate, and reliable audio performance. Whether you're a professional sound engineer, a musician, or an audiophile, this speaker is sure to impress.

  • Vented cast aluminum heatsink
  • Compact high flux Dual Magnet Motor design


700W - Continuous power rating
98dB - Sensitivity
3in - Voice coil diameter
Nominal diameter - 305mm / 12in
Power rating - 350W
Continuous power rating - 700W
Rated impedance - 8Ω
Sensitivity - 98dB
Frequency range - 50-4000Hz
Chassis type - Cast aluminium
Magnet type - Neodymium
Voice coil diameter - 75mm / 3in
Voice coil material - Round copper
Former material - Glass fibre
Cone material - Kevlar loaded paper
Surround material - Cloth-sealed
Suspension - Single
Gap height (Hg) - 8mm / 0.32in
VC winding height (Hvc) - 16mm / 0.63in


Sd - 530.93cm2 / 82.29in2
Fs - 58.80Hz
Mms - 58.08g / 2.05oz
Qms - 3.391
Qes - 0.325
Qts - 0.296
Re - 5.99Ω
Vas - 50.39l / 1.78ft3
BI - 19.90Tm
Cms - 0.13mm/N
Rms - 6.32kg/s
Le (at 1kHz) - 0.80mH
Xmax - 4mm / 0.16in

Mounting Information

Overall diameter - 318mm / 12.5in
Overall depth - 137mm / 5.4in
Cut-out diameter - 286mm / 11.26in
Mounting hole dimensions - 9.5x6.5mm / 0.37x0.26in
Number of mounting holes - 8
Mounting hole PCD - 298-304mm / 11.7-12.0in
Unit weight - 2.6kg / 5.7lb

Packed Dimensions & Weight

Single pack size W x D x H - 350mm x 350mm x 185mm / 13.8in x 13.8in x 7.3in
Single pack weight - 3kg / 6.6lb