Eminence N314X 8-ohm Compression driver built from NEW N314T and N314X diaphragm

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As you may be aware, the spectacular Eminence N314 X is not currently available.  Since we are helpless SpeakerAddicts here, we couldn't allow this terrible injustice!!!

As a result, we purchased a number of N314T-16 drivers from Eminence as well as all the N314X-8 diaphragms they had but 1.  We are swapping the diaphragms for you so the amazing performance of the N314X can still be within the grasp of a lucky few while they are out of stock.

What's the difference you ask?  The sticker on the side will say N314T-16 and the back cap won't have the N314X logo.  Other than that, these will perform exactly as the N314X-8

Get them while you can, we don't have many


Here's the info from Eminence:

Audiophiles, prepare yourself for goosebumps. Eminence is revolutionizing the Pro Audio industry again. Meet the latest in high-frequency driver technology, the N314X-8. Utilizing an advanced new thin-ply carbon material, combined with the latest FEA techniques, the N314X-8 delivers Beryllium-like high-frequency extension with robustness unrivaled by any dome material. High speed of sound and acoustical figure of merit make this material a no-brainer. Couple that with unprecedented reliability compared to metal domes, and realize there is no better value in the world.

The 1.4 in. exit N314X-8 sets a new standard in compression drivers from Eminence. Featuring a 3 in. voice coil and a lightweight neodymium ring magnet with a copper shorting ring, the N314X-16 offers an ultra-clean sound and low crossover point.

Throat Size 1.4", 35.6mm
Nominal Impedance* 8 Ω
Minimum Impedance 6.6 ohm @ 3.7 kHz
Power Rating** 150 W (AES)
Resonance .494kHz
Usable Frequency Range 500Hz-20kHz
Recommended Crossover 800 Hz / 12 DbkHz
Sensitivity*** 110.5
Magnet Material Neodymium
Magnet Weight 11oz, .31kg
Voice Coil Diameter 3" / 76.2mm
Voice Coil Former Polyimide
Diaphragm Material TeXtreme®
DC Resistance (Re) 4.8 
Overall Diameter 5.72", 145.3mm
Driver Volume Displaced 0.0234 cu.ft., 0.66 liters
Depth 2.53", 64.3mm
Weight 5.1 lbs, 2.3 kg
Mounting Thread N/A
Mounting Holes Diameter 4X 1/4-20
Mounting Holes B.C.D. 4 in. 101.6 mm