LOUDeQ Equalizer Full Range Mini Speaker Near Field monitor Flared port tube KIT

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LOUDeQ-brKIT - Variable "LOUDNESS" Passive Equalizer and Flared Port Kit


The LOUDeQ is a unique passive filter network designed to function as a variable "loudness" circuit.  LOUDeQ will help flatten response of compact full-range speakers systems and provide gradual excursion limiting at higher input levels.  

 - perfect for compact full range DIY and Bluetooth speakers using a 3"- 4" driver

 - Works at 4 - 8ohms

 - integrated spring loaded terminal plate

 -1" diameter flared port, 4" long, EZ press-fit in 1-3/8" opening - overall diameter 1-5/8"

 - See the response chart.  The red curve is the response with low level input and provides a low Q notch equalization centered at 2Khz of approx 3dB.  This is great to adjust for the limitations of human hearing at low levels and will provide a warmer tone and add a bit more air to the top end

 - As displayed by the blue curvethe low frequency will gradually be reduced by a maximum of 2.5dB as input power increases to around 40 watts.  This cut flattens the curve and limits LF driver excursion.  Midrange will also increase approx 1dB with slow rise to 20Khz to make up for a bit of driver rolloff.  The end result is increased maximum SPL for those times when you want to crank your mini speaker project