PEAVEY 15 inch 4ohm 500W Italian SICA Woofer Midbass HISYS H15 replacement

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High quality Italian made 4-ohm 15 inch 500W woofer/midbass with very high efficiency and superb midrange response. Note, the response dip centered on 400Hz is typical of IEC baffle measurement, response is actually rather flat. The 97dB efficiency rating is rather conservative and 1w/1m at 4ohm, typically this would be rated closer to 98.5dB. This is very efficient and some of the range is up to 100dB. Special balanced magnet system uses a separate magnet ring on top of the center pole inside the coil. This is not a subwoofer, it is a high output speaker that should be used in a 2way full range/ top cabinet configuration

This is a superb replacement speaker for many powered speaker boxes that use a 4ohm woofer and of course for your custom projects. This woofer was used by Peavey in their high end Hisys branded line of Italian made powered speakers, the Hisys H15 to be exact. This box boasts 133dB max output and sells for $1200